Experience the joy of dance!

It’s more than a catch phrase to us. In today’s world of competitive dance we strive not just to win trophies, but to find the art and fulfillment of dance. At JSquareDance we are committed to making your experience, and your child’s experience, enjoyable because we know to love what you do you must first love how and where you do it.


Here’s a few comments from our parents and dancers:

  • “Before JSquareD I wasn’t sure (as a Dad) if I’d be comfortable in a dance studio. At JSquareD it’s much more than a studio. Its a family. Thanks JSquare for including all of us. Not just the girls.” Joe L.
  • “High expectations and high rewards. It’s such a great community where everyone is welcomed and valued. Lifetime skills are learned, and lifetime friendships are formed.” lgmarini
  • “JSquareD is the first studio that I felt a part of; I wasn’t just going because I love to dance but also who I was dancing with.” headofcurls16
  • “It’s not just a family, it’s a squad! The teachers are extremely talented, and every year you become a better version of yourself.” M. Choo
  • “I have never loved and cherished people more than I do here. You learn more than just dance. You learn how to make art and inspire others.” N. Young
  • “As a parent, I’ve always hoped my daughter would land in a place that would not only teach her great technique and skill, but teach her to value herself and her character.” J. Corbett
  • “Everyone there supports each other as they grow and learn. The dancers are genuinely happy for each other. They challenge each other to be better each day. The teachers are excellent and care not only for the dancers learning new skills and improving their abilities, but building character and integrity. As parents, we are always proud of the art displayed through dance at J2.” B. Morningstar
  • “It has helped me grow not only as a dancer, but as a person. I love all of the dancers and faculty members because they help me be a better version of myself in dance and in character. Dance is a part of my soul and the friendships I have with the “jsquad” will last a lifetime. I couldn’t be more blessed to spend my final season with the people I love so much.” C. Margraf